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CA Technologies Inc. is a global information technology (IT) management software company. CA helps companies manage IT in all environments — mainframe, distributed, virtualized and cloud — to become more productive and better compete, innovate and grow their businesses. CA applies decades of experience and innovation to develop and deliver software that integrates with other solutions to make a company’s technology investments more valuable.

CA makes it possible for organizations to efficiently and securely take advantage of new technologies while managing existing ones. As computing environments become more complex, CA software simplifies IT management. Organizations can see, manage and secure data, information and IT assets regardless of the physical or virtualized platform, hardware or operating system, across on-premise and cloud-based environments. They can automate critical and time-consuming processes to improve the cost and quality of services. As a result, organizations can reduce costs and risks, improve IT services and sharpen their competitive edge. CA software is available how and when organizations need it, whether through licensing or as a service.

By partnering with CA, Betis Group is able build broad IT management and recovery solutions. This affiliation has allowed Betis Group to develop long term consultative relationships with our clients as opposed to simply delivering pre-packaged solutions.

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