MessaHernan Cortes, president and CEO of Betis Group from the President

As founder, President & CEO I am proud of the track record and reputation Betis Group has earned since its incorporation in 1995. We pride ourselves on our strength of relationships, which fosters a spirit of cooperation and achievement that is the cornerstone of our growth and continued success. I believe that the dedication of our staff, our expertise, and our reputation speaks volumes about the fundamental philosophies on which our company was founded and is the basis for every decision we make. I believe that employees, clients, and partners are all part of a team. Leave your name tags at the door and do whatever it takes to meet the mission at hand, together. I hope the information contained within conveys our dedication to these ends and makes us stand out as a technology service and solution provider and as your next partner in success.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our company, Betis Group, Inc. I invite you to review the information on our website and encourage you to contact us so we can help you meet your technology goals.

Hernan Cortes
President & CEO