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IT Staff Augmentation

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) accepted Betis Group as an authorized Information Technology Services Augmentation Contract (ITSAC) vendor for information technology services. The DIR provides statewide leadership and oversight for management of government information and communications technology. Utilizing the ITSAC, DIR delivers quality information resources services to state and local government as well as the K-12 public and higher education customers.

Betis Group, Inc. is a proven Information Technology (IT), systems engineering and integration company. Since 1995, we have provided exceptional performance on IT services contracts across the federal and commercial sectors. Betis Group has performed as both a Prime Contractor and Subcontractor on federal government enterprise-level efforts requiring a wide variety of technical and leadership skills. Over the last 18 years, government contracting agencies have awarded Betis Group option year renewals on every contract. We have sterling ratings in the federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARs) and a 97 on the most recent D&B Open Rating from our government and commercial clients.

Betis Group - An Experienced Partner

Betis Group has offered IT staff augmentation and related services since 1995. Our clients include the DoD, FAA, DHS, and many other federal agencies. With services ranging from core IT service management to custom-designed software, help desk support to educational IT consulting, our company has the expertise to ensure your technology investment works for you.

Betis Group's Texas HUB Partners

Betis Group has teamed with Aguillon and Associates, Mobius Partners, and SiteB Data as our Texas ITSAC partners. They each bring tremendous capability and experience working with public sector and education customers.

How to use DIR ITSAC

The process for ordering augmented staffing from Betis Group is explained here: IT Staffing Services - Procuring a Worker

Eligible Customers

Betis Group Contract Information

Betis Group, Inc.dba Betis International, Inc
URL Betis Group Contract DIR Contract Number DIR-SDD-2390
Vendor ID 1541740463700 Contract Term End Date 8/7/2014
HUB Type Non HUB Contract Exp Date 8/7/2016
Betis Group, Inc.dba Betis International, Inc
Contact John Jasper
Phone (866) 752-3847
Fax (703) 532-6442

Betis Group has been Awarded All ITSAC Categories.

Betis Group and its partners have been awarded all of the ITSAC categories.

DIR Job Category DIR Job Description
Business Analyst Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business systems and user needs. Formulates systems to parallel overall business strategies. Experienced with business process reengineering and identifying new applications of technology to business problems to make business more effective. Familiar with industry standard (including Legacy, Core, and Emerging technologies), business process mapping, and reengineering. Prepares solution options, risk identification, and financial analyses such as cost/benefit, ROI, buy/build, etc. Writes detailed description of user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop or modify computer programs.
Database Administrator Establishes physical database parameters. Codes database descriptions and specifies identifiers of database to database management system or directs others in coding database descriptions. Calculates optimum values for database parameters, such as amount of computer memory to be used by database, following manuals and using calculator. Specifies user access level for each segment of one or more data items, such as insert, replace, retrieve, or delete data. Specifies which users can access data bases and what data can be accessed by user. Tests and corrects errors, and refines changes to database.
Database Architect Designs and builds relational databases. Develops strategies for data acquisitions, archive recovery, and implementation of a database. Cleans and maintains the database by removing and deleting old data. Must be able to design, develop and manipulate database management systems, data warehouses and multidimensional databases. Requires a depth and breadth of database knowledge that shall help with formal design of relational databases and provides insight into strategic data manipulation. Responsible for making sure an organization's strategic goals are optimized through the use of enterprise data standards. This frequently involves creating and maintaining a centralized registry of metadata.
Data Warehouse Architect Designs, implements and supports data warehousing. Implements business rules via stored procedures, middleware, or other technologies. Defines user interfaces and functional specifications. Responsible for verifying accuracy of data, and the maintenance and support of the data warehouse. Knowledge of data warehouse end-to-end implementation processes, from business requirement logical modeling, physical database design, ETL, end-user tools, database, SQL, performance tuning. Demonstrated problem resolution skills with team of persons, and strong leadership with implementation team Experience in data warehouse design and data modeling (both relational and dimensional) and development and maintenance of multi-dimensional data models. Development experience in implementation of data warehousing utilizing RDBMS. Understanding of data warehouse Metadata concepts, tools and different data warehouse methodologies. Expertise in SQL and proficiency in database tuning techniques. Responsible for the ongoing architecture and design of the data warehouse, data mart, and reporting environments. Develop strategies for flexibility and scalability, and define the future technical architecture direction for the business intelligence reporting physical environment.
Enterprise Architect Responsible for translating the client's business requirements into specific systems, applications or process designs with interlocked financial modeling for very large complex technical solutions. Analyzes customer service requirements and designs service solutions to meet those objectives. Primary expert to construct the specific solution, scope document, risk profile, and corresponding financials. Maintains and utilizes detailed industry and internal services knowledge in the construction of industry-leading services solutions, including expert working level knowledge of the processes, technologies, and people components involved in the services arena.. Uses expertise to construct specific and detailed solutions that encompass process, technology, and staffing plans for customer sales opportunities. Constructs risk assessments and corresponding remediation plans relative to complex services proposals. Participates in the construction of detailed financial models that align with complex services proposals. Composes Statement of Work or other documents, using departmental automation tools as available, to craft detailed and accurate deliverables that specify processes, technology, staffing, and project management involved in proposed services solutions. As needed, provide a "trusted expert advisor" role as a Subject Matter Expert for technical services, to both internal and external customers, ranging from formal advice to internal and external customer presentations. Follow all organizational Standard Operating Procedures relative to cost modeling, approvals and reviews, and all other associated workflow and deliverables.
Help Desk Provide technical assistance to computer system users on a variety of issues. Identifies, researches, and resolves technical problems. Responds to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support. Documents, tracks, and monitors the problem to ensure a timely resolution. Has knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or from remote location. May provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems.
Network Administrator Install, configure, and support an organization's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet system or a segment of a network system. Maintain network hardware and software. Monitor network to ensure network availability to all system users and perform necessary maintenance to support network availability. May supervise other network support and client server specialists and plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures. Coordinate the development, implementation, and maintenance of a local area network or wide area network. Maintains the network's physical and logical structures, including network connections. Maintains network support software, analyzes user support statistics, and recommends appropriate measures. Installs, tests, and maintains network hardware and software. Prepares and analyzes statistics on network utilization and availability. Prepares training courses and provides user support and training in the use of available hardware, software, and utilities. Performs tuning and capacity planning activities to enhance the performance of the network resources.
Network Engineer Responsible for installing networking technologies and supporting networks. Assesses existing network configurations and makes recommendations based on product specifications. Configures equipment and software to meet business needs, trains others on the solution, and documents the solution for ongoing support. Functions as part of a team on larger projects, or individually provides the services on support visits or smaller projects. Provides technical support and assists with the design of network solutions. Requires experience in the technical services and support field as well as experience in network administration (DHCP, DNS, routers, firewall, etc.)..
Programmer / Developer Analyst Plans, develops, tests, and documents computer programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques and computer systems. Evaluates user request for new or modified program, such as for financial or human resource management systems, clinical research trial results, statistical study of traffic patterns, or analyzing and developing specifications for bridge design, to determine feasibility, cost and time required, compatibility with current system, and computer capabilities. Consults with user to identify current operating procedures and clarify program objectives. Formulates plan outlining steps required to develop program, using methodologies such as structured analysis and design or object-oriented development..
Programmer / Developer Converts data from project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to create or modify computer programs. Prepares, or receives detailed specifications to describe sequence of steps that program must follow and input, output, and logical operations involved. Analyzes specifications, applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic. Confers with supervisor and representatives of departments concerned with program to resolve questions of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls. Converts detailed specifications to language processable by computer. Enters program codes into computer system. Inputs test data into computer. Observes computer monitor screen to interpret program operating codes. Corrects program errors, using methods such as modifying program or altering sequence of program steps. May prepare computer block diagrams and machine logic flowcharts for detailed coding of problems, and provides for the documentation of programming work.
Project Lead The Project Lead shall have day to day responsibility for management of a project team, providing technical team leadership on complex projects. They are responsible for program design, coding, testing, debugging, documentation and support. They shall have full technical knowledge of all phases of applications systems analysis and programming. There may be multiple phases of the project for which they have responsibility. This person shall manage day-to-day execution of design, development, testing and implementation activities; actively encourage and facilitate communication between the business analysts, development, and QA teams; and ensure that system requirements are documented, complete, accurate and approved..
Project Manager Designs, plans, and coordinates work teams. Follows standard project management industry practices such as the PMI's framework. Understands business and technical objectives of a project and works closely with project sponsor. Creates project charter and work plan and tracks budget and schedule progress via appropriate metrics. Establishes project organization and methodologies and defines roles and responsibilities. Documents risks and develops mitigation plans. Manages scope. Creates and implements a communication plan. Builds an effective team, assigns tasks to team members, and evaluates outcomes. Negotiates resources. Communicates to stakeholders and project sponsor. Identifies, tracks, and ensures resolution of issues and removal of barriers. Provides technical support to project team members. Handles complex application features and technical designs. Designs and implements the components required for complex application features. Generally manages a group of applications systems analysts. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Professional certification is highly desirable.
Security Architect Designing and building secure systems, networks, and infrastructures. Responsible for planning, designing and implementing of security systems and controls in the infrastructure layer within enterprise IT. Ensures adequate controls on interfaces across platforms. Perform risk/vulnerability assessments of systems. Identify and update missing or outdated polices and procedures. Possesses knowledge of encryption and PKI technologies. High organizational skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong ability to produce technical documentation.
Security Analyst Responsible for implementing security measures to protect computer systems, networks and data. Information security analysts are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest intelligence, including hackers' methodologies, in order to anticipate security breaches. They also are responsible for preventing data loss and service interruptions by researching new technologies that will effectively protect a network. They are responsible for insuring all networks have adequate security to prevent unauthorized access. They must ensure that all security systems are current with any software or hardware changes in the company. They must plan and document all security information in the company including physical and internet security. Perform procedures and processes necessary to ensure the safety of information systems assets and to protect systems from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction.
Security Engineer Responsible for the research, technical analysis, recommendation, configuration, and administration of systems and procedures to ensure the protection of information processed, stored or transmitted. Provides security design, consultation, and technology governance oversight for various projects and initiatives. Undertakes complex projects requiring additional specialized technical knowledge. Acts as information liaison and subject matter expert (SME) to various business units and information technology departments. Acts as a resource for direction, training and guidance for less experienced staff. Demonstrate ability to perform complex security analysis of existing systems for compliance with security requirements. High organizational skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong ability to produce technical documentation.
Software Test Analyst Develops, publishes, and implements test plans. Writes and maintains test automation. Evaluates, recommends, and implements automated test tools and strategies. Develops, maintains, and upgrades automated test scripts and architectures for application products. Also writes, implements, and reports status for system test cases for testing. Analyzes test cases and provides regular progress reports. Participates in the testing process through test review and analysis, test witnessing and certification of software.
System Analyst Understands business objectives and problems, identifies alternative solutions, performs studies and cost/benefit analysis of alternatives. Analyzes user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing or to improve existing computer system: Confers with personnel of organizational units involved to analyze current operational procedures, identify problems, and learn specific input and output requirements, such as forms of data input, how data is to be summarized, and formats for reports. Writes detailed description of user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop or modify computer program. Reviews computer system capabilities, specifications, and scheduling limitations to determine if requested program or program change is possible within existing system.
Technical Support Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots, and repairs computer systems, hardware, and computer peripherals. Documents, maintains, upgrades or replaces hardware and software systems. Supports and maintains user account information including rights, security, and systems groups. Performs basic operation, monitoring, installation, trouble shooting, relocations, or maintenance of communications equipment. Identifies and resolves basic communications problems. Prepares or assists in the preparation of service record documentation. Shows awareness of standards and regulatory requirements related to assigned tasks.
Technical Writer Develops and maintains user and technical documentation and project process documentation for Application Teams. Understands the user's view of applications and /or technology and is able to put procedures in a logical sequence. Provides expertise on technical concepts of applications and /or user groups and structuring procedures in a logical sequence, due to a broad understanding of the applications. Writes a variety of technical articles, reports, brochures, and/or manuals for documentation for a wide range of uses. May be responsible for coordinating the display of graphics and the production of the document .

Please contact our DIR ITSAC Program Manager at our San Antonio office to discuss your specific requirements.