Over the past few decades, IT infrastructures have become increasingly complex and brittle. This is in part due to the constant addition of new applications, incompatible architectures, and a disparate collection of hardware and infrastructure. The result is a tight coupling of applications to physical hardware, brittle connectivity between systems, and a myriad of incongruent end user devices, greatly increasing the amount of effort needed to support your business information systems.

Betis Group is committed to helping our clients address their complex, brittle and siloed infrastructure. By leveraging virtualization technology, Betis Group is able to work with our clients to segregate critical business applications and information from underlying physical hardware as well as greatly reduce the amount of time spent managing end user machines. Betis Group has partnered with the industry’s leading virtualization vendors to ensure that we are able to offer the right solution for each of our client’s specific circumstances.

Server Consolidation

Desktop Virtualization