Betis Group selected for membership by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

Cape Charles, VA. USA, July 26, 2010 – Betis Group today announced that it has been selected for membership by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)
Betis Group has always been a company that works to build relationships and looks for opportunities to align with organizations that are leaders. NCMS is an outstanding example of this kind of organization, as their record shows. NCMS is the largest collaborative R&D consortium in North America and has over 150 members representing every major manufacturing sector. NCMS pioneered the use of collaboration to create innovative new technologies and has a proven track record in the creation and quick commercialization of new technology.
Hernan Cortes, President of Betis Group Inc. says, “We are proud to be joining NCMS. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support our nation’s warfighter. Our past successes and the support we currently provide our nation’s military, makes us well suited for this project.”
Betis Group initially will join the Light Armored Vehicle Sense and Respond System, Phase 3 effort. Betis has proposed to develop a Portable Maintenance Aid Kit that will improve the ability to repair armored vehicles and return them to duty quickly. In a two-phase effort, first development and then testing and refinement, we plan to produce a ruggedized, portable, wearable computer to hold maintenance information and process diagnostic information quickly in the field. This will reduce the time required for maintenance and speed the return of equipment to service. Improved availability of hardware assets will improve the effectiveness of warfighters in action.