Betis Emergency Preparedness and Training

Brock Roman

Brock Roman brings a combined skillset to the Betis team, bringing both federal and local law enforcement experience. Brock is currently a supervisor with a Northern Virginia Police Department but also has the protection experience as a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent. As a Secret Service Agent, Brock designed and implemented security plans for numerous protected individuals and facilities during his tenure with the Service. He supervised several dozen Special Agents while serving as lead site security agent for the State Visit of the Chancellor of Germany in 2011. Brock also served as the case agent on the Metropolitan Area Financial Crimes Task Force. All these experiences have made Brock an expert in the areas of threat management, insider threat identification, and response.

Brock currently serves as an active-duty police supervisor. He has participated in and managed, bomb threats, acts of violence responses, weather events, and large-scale community events. Brock is currently assigned to an undercover surveillance and tactical unit. He also serves as an adjunct tactical and control tactics instructor. Before his promotion, Brock served as a Senior Field Training Officer. There, he managed and oversaw other Field Training Officers in the field.

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