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Chad Stamps

Chad Stamps has over 27 years of experience in the fire service to include leadership, instruction, technical rescue knowledge, and subject matter expertise covering disciplines ranging from fire suppression, building construction, rescue, technical rescue, collapse rescue, and high threat response disciplines.

Chad brings a unique mix of skill sets to the field. As a career firefighter/rescue career professional, Chad was one of a handful of firefighters chosen to participate in the Department’s Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack countermeasures program. This groundbreaking program took the traditional lines of career fire/police department personnel and blended the two into one. This style of forward-thinking and training has melded the lines that traditionally separated the two disciplines. He is a key facilitator and operational manager for multiple technical rescue related specialty response areas, including Civil Disturbance Unit and the Tactical Response Programs. He is a contributing member to Arlington FEMA CCTA (Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack programs as well as CCTA Civil Disturbance Unit workgroups.

Chad Possess more than 18 years as an Operations Field Trainer who delivers continuing education to operations Personnel. He has over 15 years as an adjunct instructor for fire department recruit schools, specializing in Heavy Rescue Operations. This experience has transitioned Chad to becoming a core member of the High Threat Response Program. Chad encompasses the Total Solution by being able to offer subject matter expertise by delivering knowledge in the tactical medicine arena as well as experience with the High Threat Response Program. Chad was a first responder to the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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