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Charlie Pak

Charlie Pak joins our team as an active duty police detective who is currently assigned to counterterrorism/counterintelligence. Charlie brings 30 years of law enforcement experience, specializing in investigations involving complex federal, state, and local criminal investigations as well as tactical operations to the Betis team.

Charlie’s career in law enforcement has focused on investigations, which has required him to develop expert capabilities in conducting internal and external threat assessments. His vast in-depth skills in surveillance, utilization of human informants, intelligence gathering, and major case management brings a unique and defining skillset to the team.

Charlie also comes from a strong tactical background. For over 20 years, Charlie served as a SWAT officer and ultimately as a Team Lead for a 25 person SWAT team. During his tenure as a SWAT officer, Charlie created planned, coordinated, and conducted agency/regional-wide scenario-based exercises involving responses to mass attacks.

Charlie has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the law enforcement community for regional and national security. He is the recipient of the United States Attorney’s Award, Eastern District of Virginia for International Fraud Investigations. In 2015, he received the Service Shield Award from the Anti-Defamation League, Washington, D.C. for Terrorism Investigations.

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