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Chris Murphy

For over 19 years, Chris Murphy has brought police tactics and training to the forefront as a pioneer during his law enforcement career. Chris has been instrumental in the creation of a groundbreaking, diverse training curriculum that is rooted in his years of service in law enforcement. Chris trains police officers, corporals, and field training officers in the patrol division of a 500 person police department located in Northern Virginia. Chris currently serves as a Sergeant in the Tactical Training Unit (TTU) and Team Leader on the SWAT Team. He leads and supervises seven full-time TTU members and indirect supervision over members of the SWAT Team. Chris has extensive training and certifications in the areas of firearms, High Threat/Active Violence Incidents, defensive tactics, and general tactical law enforcement response.

Chris has developed and presented lesson plans such as Acts of Violence within the workplace and Tactical Emergency Critical Care (TECC). He holds certifications from the FBI and the National Tactical Officer’s Association (NTOA) and has certifications in Counter PBEID Recognition and Assessment. Chris served in the infantry with the U.S. Army and has been an active member of a SWAT team since 2007.

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