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Betis Group is proud to offer Cybernetics’ products on our Maryland Department of Information Technology Master Hardware vendor contract.

Cybernetics Logo specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance disk, tape, and virtual tape storage backup solutions. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics proudly manufactures its products in the United States and offers in-country technical and engineering support. Our commitment to you includes FREE telephone technical support for as long as you own a Cybernetics product.

Cybernetics is a founding member of the iSCSI Committee and was first in the storage market for:

  • Hardware data compression for tape backup
  • Hardware data encryption for tape backup
  • Virtual libraries in disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) solutions
  • iSCSI tape drives and iSCSI tape libraries
  • Status reporting tape drive units

Our products are certified by leading OEMs for compatibility, performance, and security.

Cybernetics-OEM Certs

Learn more about Cybernetics’ industry-leading SAN, disk-based backup, and virtual tape libraries.

iSAN Storage

Cybernetics iSAN storage scales to meet your targets for capacity, performance, and price with options for Disk or Flast Array Storage.

Cybernetics iSAN-1000s-24bay2

Cybernetics iSAN-1000 Series

Cybernetics iSAN 2520

Cybernetics iSAN-2520

We’re always pushing the boundaries for total storage capacity and Return on Investment. As ultra high-volume, high-speed alternatives to our modular iSAN 1000, 3000, 5000 and 7000 series, we now offer the S -2U 2.5″ 24Bay and the “T” 4U 3.5″ 24Bay. “S” models typically are supplied with all-flash – up to 4TB per slot. The “T” models include the ability to combine Flash and spinning drives for a great mix of performance and capacity. We also now offer a 60 Bay expansion cabinet, which can hold up to 600TB Raw!

Cybernetics iSAN-3000 Series

Cybernetics iSAN-3000 Series

For even greater capacity that saves rack space, the iSAN-6000 series offers up to 320TB in a 2U chassis!

Cybernetics iSAN-6000 Series

Cybernetics iSAN-6000 Series

Learn more about Cybernetics’ family of SAN Storage Arrays

Cybernetics SAN Storage

Autonomous Virtual Tape Backup Solutions

Cybernetics’ Virtual Tape Libraries are designed to eliminate the challenges you face in archiving and protecting your valuable data. Our units are incredibly easy to install, manage, scale and will adapt as your network changes.

Cybernetics miSANV_2U VTL

miSAN® V Series High-Performance VTL

Learn more about Cybernetics’ family of Virtual Tape Library Solutions.

Cybernetics Virtual Tape Backup


Tape Library Solutions

Cybernetics’ LTO tape backup solutions provide a network attached tape backup appliance that offers tremendous capacity and speed and is cross-platform and multi-host compatible for shared storage networking and centralized enterprise-wide data protection.

Cybernetics LTO4 Tape Library

LTO-4 Tape Library

Choose from a variety of capacity and performance options from 800GB at 120MB/s to 2.5TB at 160MB/sec. All our tape backup units come standard with hardware compression and encryption.

Learn more about Cybernetics’ family of affordable solutions for traditional tape backup.


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