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Daniel J. Murphy

Dan Murphy brings a host of leadership and training experience from two separate yet similar worlds; the U. S. Military and law enforcement. Dan finished his distinguished career with the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major with deployments to Kuwait, Iraq, and Germany. While in the military, Dan developed, implemented, and trained soldiers in leadership and decision making under stress.

Dan has over 27 years of law enforcement experience with a large police department located in Northern Virginia where he currently holds the rank of lieutenant. Following the Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008, Dan discovered that law enforcement was not prepared to handle active shooter incidents. Based on his previous training implantations, Dan was selected for a new position to train operations personnel on high-risk incidents. He wrote and designed a full-scale active shooter exercise involving 180 personnel that was executed on a college campus. Dan co-developed a concept known as Rescue Task Force Operations in which, law enforcement personnel escort paramedics wearing ballistic protective gear into a “warm zone” to treat critical patients immediately.

He is currently a sitting member on the International Public Safety Association Rescue Task Force Committee. For the past 11 years, Dan has traveled throughout the United States and the world providing training on threat detection and active shooter response. He was a first responder to the attack at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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