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Dorian J.D. Brooks

Dorian Brooks brings a unique hybrid of skill sets to the law enforcement field. Before becoming a police officer, Dorian learned the very essence of the word “team” from his football career that ultimately took him to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dorian excels in a team environment but also as an independent, critical thinker. During Dorian’s professional football career, he was involved in philanthropic efforts for the Pittsburgh community. This vocation to serve inspired Dorian to become a police officer in 2012.

Dorian currently serves as a School Resource Officer following his career in the Patrol Section. Dorian brings a tactical element to his current position as an SRO. Dorian trained frequently for responding to mass attacks which transcends to protecting the school community. His training includes recognition of homemade explosives, incident response to terrorist bombings, detecting/investigating organized crime, and tactical/combat medicine.

Before being appointed as a School Resource Officer, Dorian was a Field Training Officer in the Patrol Section. As an FTO, Dorian provided on-the-job training to recruit officers throughout the 12-week training cycle. During his tenure as an FTO, Dorian coached, evaluated, and directed training scenarios to maximize the performance of recruit officers. Dorian’s field experience coupled with his professional athletic background provides an excellent platform to deliver our training mission. You may also see Dorian providing media commentary during football games at his alma mater, James Madison University.

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