Betis Group offers FireEye products on the Virginia VITA IFB-2015-02 contract and directly to other public and private sector clients.

FireEye cyber security products help to identify and contain today’s advanced persistent threats and zero-day exploits. Traditional signature-based antivirus and firewalls have to know what an attack looks like to protect your network and computers. FireEye is different. It uses an integrated and adaptive defense to identify and contain everything from the dormant botnet malware on that old laptop you hooked up for a new employee to the latest trojan embedded in an spear phishing email. Don’t wait for your company’s intellectual property stolen or encrypted for ransom, or your accounting software compromised by a keylogger.

FireEye Threat Intelligence is powered by its patented Multi-vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine. Drawing on network sensors that operate behind your corporate firewall, it uniquely provides visibility into all stages of the attack lifecyle that allows for real-time blocking. These stages include:

  • Phase 1: Exploit – connect to or load an infected file
  • Phase 2: Malware Download – install softwar
  • Phase 3: Callback – phone home, receive orders, and start reportin

FireEye offers a holistic solution that addresses all the entry points to your systems. With FireEye as a Service (FAAS), you can rely on their experts to monitor and actively search your network 24X7 for signs of compromise.

  • Mobile: Identify, analyze, and block mobile attacks
  • Endpoint: Detect analyze and resolve incidents on the endpoint
  • Network: Combat web-based cyber attacks
  • Email: Identify, analyze, and block email attacks
  • Content: Combat malware in data centers and file servers – including SharePoint
  • Incident Response: If there is a successful attack, react immediately to quarantine and clean infected systems

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