Betis Emergency Preparedness and Training

Lauren Lugasi

Lauren Lugasi joins our team as a highly accomplished law enforcement officer in Northern Virginia with a specialized background in counterterrorism and counterintelligence. She currently serves in various capacities at the Department including her role as a Homeland Security Intelligence Specialist, Senior Field Training Officer, and Crime Scene Agent. Lauren has received several commendations highlighting her exemplary investigations, detection of potential terrorism-related behavior at the local level, and disruption of acts of violence. Her dedicated work has gained recognition from the FBI’s JTTF and the Department of Defense.

Lauren has received training in FEMA’s Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings and the Washington D.C. Terrorism Research Center’s New Age of Martyrdom: Suicide Attackers and Bombers. During her undergraduate career, Lauren obtained an Emergency Management & Homeland Security Certificate from Florida State University. In addition, she participated in research with the Institute for the Prevention of Financial Fraud, analyzing links between banks and foreign government officials suspected of funding terrorism. Lauren’s valuable experience gathering intelligence and combatting terrorism has contributed to her expertise in these fields.

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