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While embracing new technological trends, Betis strives to provide the best information technology products, services, and solutions to a wide range of companies and agencies. Our varied commercial client base has different needs and requirements within the following markets: corporate, healthcare, education, and gaming industries.

We also provide solutions to federal government sectors such as the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation as well as State and Local agencies. Our aim is to make our client’s work easier while saving on both time and resources. Our Subject Matter Experts see to it that we protect client data from risk and breaches. Since 1995, Betis has worked to ensure availability, authentication, integrity and confidentiality of data systems. We conduct security checks and assessments to determine system limitations or threats. Apart from the security assessments; Betis provides custom, managed, and enterprise solutions to ensure the information assurance for all your systems.



The key objective of computer Network Defense is to prevent unauthorized, illegitimate or malicious traffic or users from gaining access to confidential IT networks. Betis provides you with mechanisms to prevent, detect, track, report and remediate any detrimental computer-related activities across all networks and information systems.


We address security requirements in order to help you develop and maintain security policies and plans that meet your organization’s specific business needs.

Information Assurance

Gathering data holds a heavy responsibility of protecting that information. Betis provides practical solutions that ensure your data is safe from misuse.

Governance, Risk & Compliances

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services help clients tackle corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance. Betis can equip organizations to manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the implementation of people, processes and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.


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