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Betis is committed to bringing state-of-the-art technology to clients through our TAG partnership. Examples of these pioneering technologies include the interactive touchscreen TAG TECSLATE that allows you to touch, scroll, play, move, highlight and draw for better communications and user experience. The TAG GD 3030 ruggedized tablets allow for smart card reading, bar codes, NFC, mag stripe reader and will stand up to the harshest of environments. Let Betis provide your team with the pioneering solutions to bring you better equipment and support your organizational mission.



The TAG TECSLATE™ is an interactive touchscreen (65” or 86”) flat panel with a fast, powerful on-board Windows® computer. It is unmatched for Emergency Preparedness, Event Staging, Mutual Aid and Collaboration, and Training.

Experiencing the TAG TECSLATE™ is the only way to truly appreciate its capabilities. This bleeding edge device is a front line technological must have for Local, State and Federal agencies who understand the importance of forward thinking technology in today’s world.

TAG GD3030

The TAG GD3030 is the latest 10.1″ IP65 Windows® tablet equipped with new features and multi-functional inputs for stationary and mobile applications. Tested in undesirable situations, the TAG GD3030 has proven to be the tablet most durable and reliable for continued accurate use.

It’s the hardware to problem solve and enhance communication for all levels of government, the private sector, public health and related professions to exchange ideas and collaborate to protect lives and property from disaster.



The TAG GD700 rugged 7-inch tablet is designed to be a tool for any job needing dependable performance in the field of work. The advanced security options and the availability of numerous data collection options make it expandable.

The tablet is versatile and expandable with advanced security options to collect data with optional MRZ + MSR reader. It’s suitable for a wide range of deployments. Made tough with a solid base to accommodate a variety of building blocks that make it a versatile and highly configurable tool for mobile secure data capture.

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