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Seconds matter. ZeroEyes AI software detects the weapon and sends an alert in under three seconds. Law enforcement can know of a threat by integrating with the 911 centers and officers in the field. Agency stakeholders will be alerted in conjunction with law enforcement to initiate emergency procedures. The software will track multiple suspects as the subject moves past surveillance cameras and update responders in real-time fashion. Never before has technology been able to unify detection, intelligence dissemination, and threat mitigation.


ZeroEyes AI software

From the shooting in Las Vegas, to the bombing in Paris, and too many other instances, it’s obvious the world needs a solution to mass shootings. We need to give our security the best possible advantage in order to protect customers, spectators, and civilians. By installing ZeroEyes technology on existing cameras within commercial environments, you can foster a safer place for your most valuable asset: your people.


  1. Gunman presents a weapon on the perimeter
  2. ZeroEyes identifies the gun in a surveillance camera
  3. School authorities receive an alert in under three seconds – Option for school lockdown law enforcement receives the same alert, image of the suspect, and real time location
  4. Law enforcement receives the same alert, image of the suspect, and real time location


Statistics from The Washington Post

Students have experienced gun violence at school 223k
Schools that have experienced school shootings 229
Number of lives lost to school shootings 143
Number of people injured 290
Median age of school shooters 16

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