Betis Group offers Datacom Systems Network Taps, Network Packet Brokers, and custom engineering and installation services directly and through GSA Advantage. Visit our GSA site for contract number

Manufactured in in the United States, Datacom Systems offers industry-leading technology for network monitoring and traffic analysis, intrusion defense, and load balancing. Each device undergoes a rigorous four-part QA process that includes an overnight burn in.
Datacom’s attention to product reliability results in a success rate of over 99.9% in the field. With a variety of features to meet your technical and price requirements, these are just some of the capabilities Datacom Systems products offer:

  • In-line Taps with latency of < 10ns
  • Out-of-band SPAN input
  • Capture error packets
  • Filter specific traffic to one or more ports (e.g., database, VoIP, Port 80)
  • Aggregate, replicate, filter, and load balance traffic
  • Appliances and other tools can be removed with no link interruption
  • Connect copper appliances to a fiber network and vice versa
  • Create high-availability with 4-to-24-port devices offering speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps to 10Gbps

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