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Betis is a forward-thinking organization and leader in technology solutions.

Betis Group is committed to providing exceptional service to both the public and private sectors to ensure networks are architected, protected and managed with the utmost accuracy. The diverse markets we serve demand nothing less, and we are proud to deliver high value solutions that meet and exceed their requirements.

  • Enterprise Information Technology
  • Software and Systems Engineering
  • Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security

Federal and SLED

When it comes to Federal organizations, State and Local, County or City technology foundations, the Betis Team understands how crucial these networks are to providing for the people of our communities. We partner with our government clients to ensure the security and integrity of these legislative, educational and public works systems provide assurance to our neighbors, our families and general public. Therefore, our dedicated team holds this as a critical element of our responsibility to our communities.s


The Betis team remains stalwart in our commitment to safeguarding the large amount of information generated by our healthcare communities for our neighbors, friends and families. We provide comprehensive solutions to modernize and allow for the smooth operational systems that enable your staff to work efficiently and with exceptional support. The Betis approach to the Healthcare market is to ultimately provide systems that support delivery of higher quality of care, improved responsiveness, security, reduce costs and improve overall operational processes.s



Betis is purposeful in our work to deliver commercial clients cutting edge technology with cost effective and highly skilled technical subject matter experts to reduce IT costs and improve business operations. Resourceful technology experts that specialize in the following areas to overcome your largest hurdles.s

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