Betis Group is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Our work with the Federal Government gives us a special understanding of the challenges that come with keeping your IT environment updated and secure. So whether you’re planning to deploy Intune for Mobile Device Management, or transition your on-premise Exchange to Exchange Online with Office 365, let Betis’ experts help guide the process.

Our Microsoft portfolio includes custom services and licenses for

  • Windows 10–A3, A5, E3, E5 (Academic, Corporate/Nonprofit)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365–Includes all add-ons and optional features
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)–A3, A5, E3, E5 (Academic, Gov, Corporate/Nonprofit)
  • Microsoft Azure and Azure AD –Azure Commercial and GCC High
  • O365 –Academic (A1, A3, A5 licenses and add-ons), Corporate/Nonprofit (E1, E3, E5 licenses, and add-ons), Government (GCC F3, G1, G3, G5, and add-ons)
  • M365–Academic (A1, A3, A5 licenses and add-ons), Corporate/Nonprofit (Business Basic, Premium, Standard, E3, E5 licenses, and add-ons)
  • EMS–A3, A5, E3, and E5 licenses (Academic, Corporate/Nonprofit, Government)

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